District #23 (Ontario, Quebec, & Maritimes)

We currently have AHEPA Chapters Windsor, London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal.

We are looking to reactivate Halifax, Kingston & Ste Catharines.

We would like to start new Chapters in Quebec City, Sherbrooke.

AHEPA District #23

Governor:  Bill Bakalis, [email protected]

Lieutenant Governor: George Kolokotronis, [email protected]

Secretary: James Hutchison, [email protected]

Treasurer: Stephane Krahulec, [email protected]

District #23 Chapters

AHEPA Toronto

President: Konstantine Katsoulis, [email protected]

AHEPA Montreal

President: Jimmy Dionissopoulos, [email protected]

AHEPA Ottawa          

President: Nikos Hatzitheodosiou, [email protected]

AHEPA London

President: Nick Aroutzidis, naroutzidis[email protected]

AHEPA Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge

President: Nick Tsimbragos, [email protected]

AHEPA Windsor

President: Larry Vrionis , [email protected]





District #24 (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta)

We currently have AHEPA Chapters in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary & Edmonton

We would like to reactivate Saskatoon.

Governor: Christos Argiriou          [email protected]

AHEPA Winnipeg

President: Christos Argiriou               [email protected]

AHEPA Regina

President: John Hatzitolios                [email protected]

AHEPA Calgary

President: Deno Adams                      [email protected]

AHEPA Edmonton

President: Peter Andeoglou                [email protected]


District #26 (British Columbia)

We currently have Chapters in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria

We would like to Reactivate Richmond.

We would like to start new Chapters in Surrey.

AHEPA District #26  

Governor: George Vassilas                 [email protected]

AHEPA Vancouver

President: Dino Kourtessis                 [email protected]

AHEPA Burnaby

President: John Panago                       [email protected]

AHEPA Victoria

President: Kostas Niketas                  [email protected]