“The Ahepa family Charitable Foundation of Canada (AFCFC) mirrors the mission statement of the entire AHEPA Family; which is to promote Hellenism, Philanthropy, Education, Civic Responsibility; family & Individual Excellence.  As the primary philanthropic arm of the Ahepa family in Canada, the AFCFC serves the membership by assisting in fundraising efforts, promoting and awarding scholarship, as well as being a point for grants and donations to be used across Canada.



Christos Argiriou, PCP Chairman
James Hutchison Vice Chairman
Xanthe Vafopoulou Secretary
Nick Aroutzidis, PCP Treasurer
Frank Antoniou, PCP Director
George Vassilas, PCP Chair Bylaw/Constitution & Fundraising Committee
Spiros Bonis Director
Deb Chrisohou Director
Antonia Macris Chair Social Media & Public Relations Committee
Nicholas Hatzitheodossiou Director
Christina Andrews Chair Scholarship Committee
Jim Fabrikis Director
Christos Katopodis Director
Annie Valkanas Director
Angela Mouriopoulos Director
Fotini Caragiannis Director
Eleni Agas Director
John Mavridis Legal Counsel (Non-Voting)
Kenneth Matziorinis, PCP Investment Committee (Non-Voting)


Name Registration AFCFC 2003

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